GO-FAANG: Text chat on Zoom.us channel

Online attendance: 17 ⁓ 21
17:12:10 From ZhiliangThe GO-FAANG Workshop is to start in a few minutes
17:37:22 From Ross.TellamExcellent reception in Brisbane Australia
17:51:41 From Abel Ponce de Leon to All PanelistsPlease ask speaker to stay close to the microphone. Thanks
17:55:42 From ZhiliangThanks!
18:33:44 From ZhiliangIf you have any questions, you can type them in this conversation for us to get to the speakers
18:37:53 From ZhiliangYou can email your questions to "faang@iastate.edu"
18:38:41 From ZhiliangThe keynote speak is getting to the end soon.
18:46:14 From ZhiliangIf you have questions, please ask now :-) ... Today's session will end soon
18:47:11 From Sylvie Quiniou to All PanelistsNot a question but could you find a clip on microphone for the speakers tomorrow? Thanks (or attach them to the podium :-) )
18:48:44 From ZhiliangThank you Sylvie, we knew and will try for tomorrow :) We apologize for that for today
18:49:34 From Sylvie Quiniou to All PanelistsThanks for the online opportunity, it is wonderful
18:50:33 From ZhiliangThank you for your patience! :)
18:51:12 From kacper.zukowski to All PanelistsThank you for g8 realization, see you tomarrow ;)
18:59:20 From ZhiliangThis is the end of the season today - see you in 13 hours!
19:20:42 From Rose MageThanks for the hard work that went into organizing and funding this meeting. I called in and was able to hear the Introduction and welcome from Chris and Cathie Woteki's talk very well. The introduction of the next speaker(John Stamatoyannopoulos?} was hard to hear and throughout his talk he was inconsistently audible; even after he was reminded to speak up and into the microphone. I hope this can be improved for tomorrow's session. Best wishes
21:23:11 From ZhiliangWe apologize for the poor audio for part of the sessions today. We will have click-on or hand-held microphone for speakers tomorrow.
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