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Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes (FAANG) Project
— A coordinated international action to accelerate Genome to Phenome

FAANG develops Task Forces to gear the next steps

June 15, 2022

To meet the new challenges in Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes (FAANG) efforts brought by recent acceleration of new advances in sequencing technologies and future application to animal genetic improvement, FAANG needs to keep pace with the amount of data that is becoming available in a unified way as well as facilitate generation of new data types. To facilitate this, we have set up a specific FAANG task forces, including several that were described in the Clark et al. 2021 FAANG 2.0 white paper.

Current proposed Task Forces include:
  • FAANGPrediction - Task Force to incorporate FAANG data into prediction of phenotypes/breeding values in genetic evaluations
  • metaFAIR - FAANG Metadata, Ontologies and FAIR Data Sharing Task Force
  • FarmGTEx - Farm animal Genotype-Tissue Expression Task Force
  • FAANGSingleCell - Single Cell Genomics and Biology Task Force
  • FAANGCompGen - FAANG Task Force for comparative genomics and assembly: visualization and analysis of multiple genomes
  • HTP-DS - High Throughput Phenotyping and Data Storage Task Force
Stay tuned ...


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