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Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes (FAANG) Project
— A coordinated international action to accelerate Genome to Phenome

FAANG presentations on various workshops in 2017

ISAG Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

European Commission 2017 H2020


Time: Monday, January 16, 2017 06:10 PM - 08:20 PM
Location: Town & Country Convention Center, San Diego, CA
Organizer: Huaijun Zhou, Animal Science, University of California
Synopsis: The main goals of the Workshop are to: 1) promote information exchanges regarding recent FAANG efforts worldwide, 2) provide a great forum for the FAANG community to communicate and foster the interactions and collaborations. Especially, this meeting will bring many international scientists in animal genomics and discuss how to develop new assay and bioinformatics tools that meet the need for the FAANG initiative and share genomic resources. Such information sharing among delegates from the world will provide opportunities for the international exchange of technology, data and cooperation throughout the world.

06:10 PM Huaijun Zhou:
Update on Functional Annotation of Regulatory Elements in Chicken, Pig and Cattle.
06:22 PM Huaijun Zhou:
Fr-Agencode Update.
06:27 PM Hans D. Daetwyler:
Identification and Use of Regulatory Variation in Dairy Cattle.
06:39 PM Richard Crooijmans:
FAANG Reference Data Datasets for the Pig Ipec-J2 and Chicken SL-29 Epithelial Cell Lines.
06:51 PM James M. Reecy:
Update on FAANG Bioinformatics Pipeline Analysis.
07:11 PM Laura Clarke:
Updates on the FAANG M&DS Committee and the FAANG DCC at EMBL-EBI.
07:21 PM Angela Cánovas:
FAANG-Related Project Update.
07:41 PM Christopher K. Tuggle:
Update on Coordination of FAANG-Related Proposals to AFRI-Tools and Resources.
07:46 PM Huaijun Zhou:
FAANG Coordination Discussion.


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