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Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes (FAANG) Project
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Analysis and Annotation of DNA Repeats and Dark Matter in Eukaryotic Genomes (Workshop)

Posted: 2015.04.03

Expires: 2015.07.10

The topic of the meeting will be the identification and annotation of various repetitive genetic elements found in eukaryotic genomes as well is particularly important in order to better understand the signalling networks that regulate chromatin and nuclear compartment organisation.

Following an introductory session (session 1), de novo repeat analysis methods based on the repeated nature of genetic DNA elements and their sequence conservation, as they are found in either assembled or unassembled genomes. On the other hand, in session 4, genetic repeats will be examined from a functional standpoint in their respective host genomes and will focus on two criteria: i) their nuclear location and/or ability to be bound by protein factors associated with their location or activities, and ii) their sequence conservation.

The meeting will end with a last, fifth session, that will address the definition of a "repeated species" and will explore the methods and feasibility of classifying these in the light of their diversity and complexity.

Oraganizer: Peter Arenburger, Yves Bigot and The STUDIUM foundation

Web site with the form to apply: http://www.lestudium-ias.com/#!analysis-and-annotation-of-dna-repe/c412.

Merci Yves


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